Thursday, June 26, 2008

Let's plan a party

How does early August look for a Splatters Platters party? I received a follow up e-mail from Tiffany with details about scheduling a party at the Firefly Studio.

Here's the highlights

  • Parties should be scheduled 3 to 4 weeks in advance to assure supplies are available.
  • We need 10 to 16 participants who agree to have all proceeds from the party directed to The Centers for Youth and Families.
  • The cost to participate is $35/person
  • There can be no parties on Saturday at the Firefly Studio.
  • The Centers will send a thank you letter stating the charitable portion of their gift to each person who participates.
  • Each guest keeps the piece they paint. They may pick it up from The Firefly Studio once it has gone through the firing process.

The party can actually be held somewhere other than Firefly Studio if the host picks up the pieces, paints, and tools and returns them to be fired. Since we’ll need a large group to participate and this could be a messy endeavor, I figure it's easier to go to Firefly unless we need the party to be on a Saturday. In that case, I’ll make arrangements to pick things up and we can plan to paint at my house.

Tiffany recommends having a theme for the party and suggested several really good ones. We can do one of these, think of our own, or keep it simple and just enjoying talking while we paint. We would provide the refreshments and other goodies for our party.

Ideas they recommend:

  • Wine and Cheese Party – personalize your own wine glass or paint a cheese platter. Invite a wine expert to come and talk about wine. Serve wine and cheese.
  • Beer Party – paint a beer stein and have a demonstration by Diamond Bear Brewery. Serve Beer and Pretzels.
  • Garden Party – paint a planter and invite your garden club and a master gardener to speak. Serve fun snacks.
  • Holiday Party – paint a holiday ornament, plate for Santa, etc. Use red, green and white paint. Serve holiday food.
  • Ice Cream Party – paint an ice cream cone or bowl and serve/build your own sundaes.
  • Tea Party – paint a tea pot. Host your own tea party.
  • Popcorn Party – paint a bowl for popcorn, serve popcorn and sodas, show a movie.
  • Princess Party – paint a princess crown. Have guests wear crowns and they can be a princess for a day.

Let me know how August looks for you and if you have any ideas for our party.

Hope you each enjoy a celebration of our independence today. May our troops be blessed and safe until they are home at last.


Lisa_in_AR said...

That sounds like lots of fun Stacy! I vote for sunThat sounds day bowls, popcorn bowls or I thought of another one...margarita glass and something for chips and salsa. They all sound like fun!
My days off in early August are 1,
2,3,5,6,9,10,15,16. I could come anytime after 7pm on any other day. If it works out that I can't go for some reason, I'd love to donate.

casserole said...

Count me in! My schedule is pretty flexible, so whenever it works for everyone else should be fine. Except we've got a wedding in San Fran on August 8. Anyways, the popcorn bowls sound good. Or maybe just some platters, since we ARE the potluck queens. It might be fun to all make dishes that we could put our food on for our potlucks.

Janna said...

I really want to come. I am loving Anne's platter for potluck idea. I'd love to paint a large platter that I could use for serving stuff on.

It would be easier for me to attend in an evening or weekend when Bryan could watch the kids. I think we will be out of town the weekend of Aug 16th. The weekends of July 19 and Aug 30, Bryan will be on call, so I won't have an easy time of finding a sitter for my 2.

Denise Felton said...

Wonderful! I can come any time in August. I like the platter theme, too. Don't know why, but I thought we'd be donating the stuff we made. Can we do that, too?