Sunday, June 15, 2008

Twice as witchy

My twin friends just had a birthday and we are taking them to dinner next Friday night to celebrate. Here are twin surprises for them. I had fun making these witches today. I printed them on my laser printer from my clip art CD. I then used gel pens, pearl ex, and layers of paper with foam dots for dimension. I also used a couple of tiny jewels to embellish them. I made a couple of extra witches so they are sure to pop up soon in another box or two.

Detail of paper witch.

Two framed pieces with paper witches.


casserole said...

These are awesome!!!!

Janna said...

These are really neat. I love them!

Denise Felton said...

LOVE them! And I love how you framed them, too. You so rock.

Anonymous said...

Those are super cool. If I knew someone who was obsessed with witches or Halloween... hmm... I will think about it. You need to get on etsy so I can easily buy your stuff.
--Beef Beef

Lisa_in_AR said...

Very cute! Love the dog looking out at the witch. I agree with anonymous, you need an Etsy store!