Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Splatters

I get e-mails from Hot in Little Rock most everyday. And guess what yesterday's topic was? Splatters! Here's what they had to say about it:

"Are you jealous of those kids’ parties going on at the paint-your-own-pottery stores? Whenever we take our kids to a birthday party at one, it’s hard to leave without pulling up a chair and grabbing some greenware ourselves. Well…here’s your chance to make your dreams come true, and the dreams of all your friends!

Every year, The Centers for Youth & Families puts on “Splatters: Another Fine Mess” in October. This fun event, coupled with an always sold-out golf tournament, features lots of art and platters painted by fabulous local artists. Well this year, they’re starting early. Not only will they have their big party in October, but they’ve created a new event called “Splatters Platters.”

These mini-events are coordinated by anyone who wants to throw a party for The Centers. You can have the party at Firefly Studios or at your home. Just invite at least ten of your friends to paint a platter and donate the cost to The Centers. The pieces painted are you and your guests to keep.

So throw a wine party and paint wine coolers, or a coffee party and paint coffee mugs, or a Razorback party and paint some party plates for tailgating season! Whatever you want, Firefly will work with you to throw the best painting party ever – and it’s all for a great cause: helping the kids and families in Arkansas who need it the most."

I'll let you know all the particulars when I hear back from Tiffany and maybe we can put together our own mini event!


Janna said...

We HAVE to do this for a YaYa day. Those of us who make platters not worthy of auction can pay for them and keep them ourselves.

Denise Felton said...

Yes, oh, yes, oh, yes! I cannot WAIT!