Sunday, September 6, 2009

The boy next door

It's been a long time since I freely admitted I really liked a boy. It has been my experience that admitting to such was to invite disappointment. But the boy next door asked me out. He's good looking, smart, funny, and genuine. To say I was surprised by his interest is an understatement. I was pleased but nervous about this change in our intentions toward each other. He's been a good friend and I'd really hate to mess that up. We've had some funny, awkward moments working through what we've been to each other in the past and trying to decide where we are going from here. I am still reeling by how happy I feel, though. Giddy, even. This week I found a single, chocolate kiss outside my door. Who wouldn't be happy to find chocolate outside her door? I was really moved by this simple gesture more than if I'd found a lavish gift. My friends know I'm likely to cry at the littlest things so I'm sure it's no surprise this gesture brought tears to my eyes. He really is the sweetest thing and I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world.