Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I feel like a celebrity so I'm having a giveaway

My post appeared on the Lark Crafts site last night!! I'm so excited! You can enter to win my snowman earrings. Check it out!

If you leave a comment here by Sunday, December 19, midnight CST, you might win a different pair of salt dough earrings! ; )

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another giveaway at CraftGossip

I have another book giveaway in progress at CraftGossip. Check out my post to see if you would be interested in winning any of these 3 titles. I LOVE the origami one! I also wrote a review for another Lark Book that will be given away as well. It's from Lark's 500 Series - 500 Judaica. Check out the review and enter for a chance to win this one, too!

Next week, I'll have a guest post on the Lark Crafts site. I'll keep you posted so you can read my tutorial for making salt dough jewelry and enter for a chance to win the earrings I made.

It's a good day

Have you ever experienced a time in your life so wonderful that you felt guilty and scared it would end all at the same time? My friends tell me I deserve this happiness and more but when I look around and see those who are struggling, worried, stressed, and down it makes me wonder at the injustice of life. Why are all my prayers being answered when so many seem unheard? I'm VERY grateful and know life holds ups and downs for everyone...I guess I'd just like it to be a perfect world where everyone has what they need and gets at least some of what they desire. I hope the Universe is listening!