Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bits and pieces

Well, I'm hopelessly behind reading Ya Ya posts but I am nearly done with my April card challenge. With help from Anne, Denise, and Scarlett I think my idea for the card is funny now. Then again, my sense of humor is so warped we'll see if I'm the only one laughing. : ) This has been a challenging month, so my sense of humor is not in top form. I'm planning to get my card posted by Friday. (See? It's in writing. Now I have to do it.)

Speaking of getting inspiration from that trio of talented ladies, I had a great time at the Drunkin' Bunkin' party working on fabric collage. I'm still working on my piece, which is also my first attempt at beading. So far, my "row" of beads is, well, not in a row. Not sure how the finished piece will look but it has been a fun learning experience. I thank each of them for sharing their goodies, ideas, and inspiration!

fabric collage

About a week or so ago, I received a pretty card from Debbie and a purple bracelet that reads "Cure CF." I haven't sent her a thank you note but I thought it was really sweet for her to share. I feel happy to wear it as a way to remember and honor sweet Jennifer.

I finished another shadow box. Look Kimberly! I used the rest of my crackle paint to refinish the frame. Thanks for sharing and letting me experiment. Now I'm wondering what I can add to regular acrylic paint to make it crackle. I'll let you know if I discover the answer.

Fortune shadow box

Monday, April 7, 2008

Stormy weather

My sister's car was pummeled by her Bradford pear tree in the storms last week but I have no other damage to report for my crew. She lives about a mile from the NLR airport, which was hit pretty hard. I hope everyone else faired well during the foul weather.

Bradford pear tree on the Hyundai