Sunday, July 13, 2008

We need a few more painters to benefit the Center for Youth and Families

If I counted correctly, we have 6 potential participants for our Splatters Platters party (Lisa, Denise, Anne, Janna, Bethany, and me) but we still need at least 4 more to schedule a party. Does anyone know someone they'd like to invite to participate? I'm looking at Saturday, August 2, if we can find a few more painters in time to get the party on their calendar. I'll plan to pick things up at the Firefly Studio and make something good for us to eat while we have a fun day painting.

I checked with Tiffany and she said painting platters for our party would be fine. She also explained the auction:

The pottery painted from our Splatters Platters Parties are not included in the auction at Splatters. Since it costs $35 per person, this includes the cost of the pottery, glazing, firing and each person keeps their piece of painted pottery. However, if someone wants to participate in the auction part of Splatters, then they will complete the Artist Information Form and return to me. They can go to the Firefly Studio and choose between 2 styles of platters (styles were chosen by the Art & Auction Chairs) to paint. Since the artist is donating their time to provide something to our auction at Splatters, there is no cost to the artist. All these platters painted by the
artists are included in the silent auction.

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Lisa_in_AR said...

I'll try to dig a few more people. I think this will be lots of fun!