Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Model Magic

Stuff made from Model Magic.

Have you seen this stuff from Crayola? My sister gave me left-overs from my niece's school project. It's cheap, comes in different colors, and air dries quickly. When dry, it is very light weight. It holds details pretty well, too. I know it can be colored with markers but I haven't experimented with paints yet. The problem with marker ink is slow drying time.

Model Magic colored with marker ink.

The little piece I colored red left smudges on my fingers and the table. Once dried, Model Magic feels kinda like foamies. It doesn't break if you drop it but it was no match for Gunner the Pomeranian's teeth. (Note the gash above the lip of this little devil, who is also missing a horn after his run in with the dog. He faired better than his model magic brethren who were all eaten.) It's non-toxic but as dogs seem to like to eat it, I'd store it high if you have pets. Create sheets with a pasta roller and it can be stamped. I'm not sure super fine details would stamp but the chunky one I used worked just fine.

Model Magic seems to be tasty to dogs.


casserole said...

You're just a little blog-posting fiend this week!!

Thank you for sharing about this clay. It sounds FUN. I realized after reading your description that this is probably what Liv used to make a little Father's Day gift for Tony during Sunday School last week. It was bright yellow and started out like modeling clay, but then dried really really light weight. I had no idea it was a Crayola product.

Denise Felton said...

I fell in love with this stuff when Codie used it for a project in elementary school. The price is good--much more comfortable than Sculpey or Fimo--especially if you have a coupon. Codie not only made little figures out of it but also made a THICK sheet into which she impressed details to make it look like an adobe wall. We stuck bamboo skewers into the sheet and used them to attach it to a styrofoam base. Because it's so lightweight, it stood up with no problem and looked pretty dang authentic.

Hey, maybe we need a YaYa Model Magic challenge! :)

Lisa_in_AR said...

I can't decide if your artiste dog made the devil have an Elvis snarl or a cleft lip...

Debbie Nelson said...

Very reminds me of my dog, Jazzabelle, doing her snarled lip Elvis impersonation. Thank you, Stacie for sharing this..I had never seen it before.