Thursday, October 16, 2008

Photos of cards from scraps

Just got done looking for a water leak in the wall. Oh, the joys of owning an older home. And not even a particularly cute older home. As my friend Denise says, "oh well, la la."

I guess a picture is only worth a thousand words if it isn't blurry so here are just a few words then about the cards made of scraps...

This one has stickers, die cuts, and stamped images.

I used markers to color this stamped image.

Embossed and die cut pieces from the cuttle bug.

I made the background marbled paper when Denise and tried the technique of floating paint on starch.

This stamped image is embossed with granite ware embossing powder.

This delicate lion was made by my friend Crafty Pig. She's so patient to cut out all the little pieces.

Too bad the Pearl Ex on the flower doesn't show up in this photo.

This was my September challenge card.

Another with granite ware and silver embossing powders.


Janna said...

Hope your water leak wasn't bad or expensive.

Wow! Have you been busy! Those cards are all so cool! I especially love the one with the alligator in the purple hat with the background paper you made. But I really love them all. What an awesome use of scraps!

Lisa_in_AR said...

I agree with Janna, I love the jazz aligator. Is that marbled back ground done with the shaving cream technique? Great cards!

Denise Felton said...

Whoa! You are rockin the house! And your take on cards is always so original. Crank 'em, girlfriend!

Denise Felton said...

And, uh, excuse me...Your house IS particularly cute!