Monday, October 27, 2008

Cathy's Halloween party and the coffin

I love Halloween! Here are a few pictures from Cathy's party including the coffin I helped paint and line with fabric. The girls had a great afternoon working on this project and drinking margaritas. There was lots of giggling and plenty of weird looks by everyone driving by that day.

There were less weird looks Saturday when everyone was in costume. ; ) I think I had even more fun seeing every one's costume than using the blowtorch on the coffin.

I decided to go as a zombie this year because
  1. it was cheap
  2. it was easy and
  3. it was comfortable to wear.

The secret to making the fake blood look real was adding chocolate powder. The downside is it made me really crave chocolate all night.

Picture of the coffin for Cat's party.
My zombie horde plus Elvira and the Count.
Me and my zombie sis.Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!


casserole said...

cheap and easy are two of my favorite words! I wonder what that says about me... Seriously, though, that coffin ROCKS! You are so freakin' talented!!!

Stacie Hoo said...

I have to give the most credit on painting the coffin to our friend Shannon. She designed the image we painted on the front. One of Cat's coworkers had her husband build it. He did a fabulous job.

Lisa_in_AR said...

Love the coffin! Your costume is great---I had to stare at the pic for at least 10 seconds before I decided which zombie you were!

Janna said...

I agree with what they said! Fabulous job on the coffin! And you are one scary lookin' zombie! I had a hard time picking you out in the picture too.

Char said...

I was dying to see the party pics. Pun intended. Thank you for posting them. Tell Ms. Linn that Skipper said she looked "Hot" in her costume. Pretty cool zombie make-up and the coffin is awesome. I picked up a real pimpin witch hat tonight complete with black feathers and spider covered tool. Skipper picked up his pirate gear tonight too. Complete with parrot, eye patch and plastic flint lock gun. We are doing trick or trunk on Halloween in the church parking lot. I would love to find a partyin Eureka. Anyway, I enjoyed the pics.

Denise Felton said...

Hilarious! You make a great zombie.

Oh, and I just tagged you over on my blog. You're it!