Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm a horrible blogger

Not only do I neglect my blog for weeks, I barely scribble a line to go along with the photos I post. But a picture is worth a thousand words, right? I've been busy for several weeks getting ready for a giant yard sale at the end of October. The storage unit is almost empty! What a huge relief to be free of all that clutter. I still have lots of organizing to do in my garage but things are feeling less chaotic.

All work and no play would make Stacie a dull girl. In the spirit of getting rid of clutter, I have also been making cards with my scrap papers. I have lots of pictures to post; I'll make that a goal for this week. I also completed a painting I started for my sister many moons ago. It's not a fabulous painting, but I am pleased to be "done." Since Carol seems to like it, all is well. I'll post a picture of the painting soon, too.

Since I last posted any news my sweet friend Juline had her baby girl, Shyenne. I really hate being on the other side of the planet for this event!! I would dearly love to hold this precious little thing! Jules is out on maternity leave until January. I can hardly wait to see more pictures and hear how they are all doing.

Shyenne's hospital photo
Last week was a big one--Les Mis at the Rep Thursday with some of the Ya Yas, girls' night at my house Friday, Race for the Cure, and the birthday party for Amy and Kristina on Saturday. I'll have to find some pictures from these events to post also.

Happy October!


Char said...

What a sweet, sweet baby. I am happy to hear you finished the painting for Carol. I hope to see it in person some time. All the fun stuff you do with the Ya Yas makes me wish I was there. You girls should come to mine and Scottye's show in Eureka at the end of November.
Miss you!

Lisa_in_AR said...

I'm reading Char's, show?? Eureka??? ROAD TRIP!!!!
Sign us up!

Stacie Hoo said...

A road trip does sound like fun! I'll call Char and get the details. : )