Monday, February 8, 2010

Bye bye fishes

Saturday I sent my fishes back to their original Mom. I'll really miss them and the aquarium but I'm not going to miss the expense. Or the worry when there is the possibility of a power outage. I know Dene will take excellent care of them so when I miss them, I'll be happy they are in good hands. This is a terrible photo; fish are really difficult to photograph!

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Janna said...

Bummer. I liked your fishes too. I set up an aquarium a year ago, but quickly managed to kill almost all fish within about a week. Then I emptied the aquarium and let it sit vacant until a green lizard wandered in out of the cold last winter. We let it be his home for the winter and bought him crickets at the pet store. He went back outside last spring. Now I've got an empty aquarium and have considered doing a fish tank again. If I do, this time I wont let Zach introduce wild catfish that he catches from the creek that were likely the source of the fungus that decimated the rest of our fish population. And we would try to keep it cheap with just goldfish, nothing too fancy.