Friday, March 28, 2008


I’m really glad spring is here--and more sunshine. I’ve been playing in the garden sweeping away the last bits of fall and winter, cleaning up the canvas so Mom can paint it with pretty flowers. Since the days are getting longer, I feel I have more time to be creative both in the garden and in my studio.
Taxes and boring organizational tasks out of the way, I can focus on fun. I have painted once since working with Charlisa; I’ll post pictures of the additional work soon. Since I completed quite a bit, I’d like to push and finish one of the panels this weekend. I also need to get caught up on cards since there are a couple of birthdays I’m about to miss. I can’t quite figure out where I lose all my time. I feel rather inadequate I’m not producing more art when I have so little to show for my time. I see so many tremendous artists who have children, husbands, jobs, and other responsibilities to steal away their creative time yet they produce so many beautiful things. Is it that I’m too easily distracted or just too lazy? Spring is full of fresh growth and new beginnings so I’m hoping to inject my all projects with spring fever.

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