Friday, January 25, 2008

Messages from a distant friend

Juline laughingMy South African friend, Juline, sent me a couple of e-mails this week. It was so nice to hear that she received and enjoyed the package I sent her for Christmas. I've been watching Supernatural season II on DVD, which was a Christmas gift to myself. Juline introduced me to the show and I must say that whenever I'm watching, I am also thinking about Jules and remembering hanging out on Thursday nights. I'm so grateful that even though Juline is a world away instead of across the street now, we still have ways to connect and continue our friendship.

Just before Juline returned home to South Africa we had the thought to start a project idea book as a way to teach each other craft techniques. So across the ocean using e-mail and recently videos, we are beginning to build our books. I’m taking part in Kimberly’s Creative Card Challenge 2008; I'm sure to have many exciting new things to send Juline this year. If the other projects are as fun as smackin' acetate, she's sure to love them. My project book is also going to be a repository for my collection of scraps of paper--ideas from magazines, photos, and such. These things will be a visual reference library of sorts. Getting my book together in a usable format is another of my many organizational resolutions for the year.

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Denise Felton said...

Oh, I LOVE the project book idea! That's brilliant! Please let me peek at it.