Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All done

butterfly sculpture for Eggshibition
My butterfly is finished after much fretting over the wings. I finally achieved the look I wanted using tee shirt transfers on tissue paper. I coated one side with white glue to add a little stiffness and attached a wire using super glue. I then drilled holes in the butterfly's body and glued the wires supporting the wings in place. The original technique using liquid polymer came out more like the texture of a bat wing and the resulting wings were too heavy to stand up under their own weight. These are much more delicate and still a little translucent.

Another view of butterfly sculpture.

Another view of butterfly sculpture. Another view of butterfly sculpture.

Another view of butterfly sculpture.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Art therapy

I’m a collector of unfinished projects. I have everything from a tri-fold room divider I’ve been “painting” for about 10 years to an unfinished car restoration I embarked on 6 years ago. Working to squelch my tendency to procrastinate and start a new uncluttered life, with fresh eyes I’m beginning to sort out what still fits and conclude everything that doesn’t. The Spitfire is a prime example of a project that no longer fits my life. It only serves to remind me of the past and money wasted. Even if it were magically finished, it is an unwanted weight on my shoulders. That project goes in the discard category. A few of my unfinished projects I’d still like to see completed. One obvious reminder of often started projects I’ve failed to follow through is the painted screen standing quietly unfinished and forlorn in my living room. Completing this visible reminder will be a huge victory in overcoming procrastination and a symbol of accomplishment. My friend Charlisa, who is a very talented painter, has volunteered to provide motivation and lend me a hand in finishing the project. After this emotionally difficult week, I’m really looking forward to some carefree time spent doing “art therapy” and sharing lots of laughs. Even if we don’t finish, I will make real progress toward a goal—and get a chance to catch up with Charlisa.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Hatching the butterfly

Butterfly sculpture for Youth Home's EggshibitionWell, I'm nearing completion of my creation for Eggshibition. The only remaining element is the wings. I'm excited about trying a new technique to make nearly translucent wings but a little nervous, too. If they don't turn out right, then what? Here's a picture of the wingless version.

The marabou really adds movement to the piece--and a mess floating around my studio.